Idahoans care about education. The Idaho constitution is clear, and we need to adhere to it. We must ensure our children graduate with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed.

I will work fervently to help and improve the school system. We need to teach the basics (reading, writing, arithmetic, science, technology, and history, to name a few) and evaluate the addition of classes students can use in career or business settings.

Idaho needs vocational resources to increase the number of professional trade graduates. With skilled and proficient individuals in all professions, we can keep our communities strong and provide reliable income to families.

Limited Government

Our Idaho government is excellent at maintaining a balanced budget, and I pledge to maintain this practice. I will fight to keep essential spending limited to minimize taxation in all forms for the people of Idaho.

Limited government reduces red tape and over-regulation of business, industry, and agriculture. Small business is vital to keep Idaho communities strong. Idaho has over 25,000 farms producing 185 commodities; trout, cheese, potatoes, wheat, beef, and barley are just a few. It is critical for the economy of Idaho to keep small businesses, industry, and agriculture thrive. I believe in localized government where the people have a voice in their communities.

Pro 2nd Amendment

Our founding fathers did not write the Second Amendment as an afterthought, they included this to help protect all other rights and to keep a free society. This is a great nation and the freedoms that we enjoy are what makes us great. We should not place unnecessary burdens on law-abiding citizens when it comes to allowing for protection of their families and home. Further gun legislation will only erode our freedoms.


I believe life begins at conception and as such is precious. Life is a sacred gift from God and should be protected. I will be the voice for those who do not have a voice. A woman once told me her personal experience with abortion was devastating. Knowing she could not abort another unborn child, she prepared herself to bare that child and place it into a good home. Protecting Life is a priority and my adopted daughter is living proof of that.


As a business owner myself, I know how the barriers of entry can be difficult for many to navigate. When I am elected, cutting unnecessary regulations and supporting legislation that is pro-business will be my goal. I believe the more you allow a business to use innovative ideas and creativity, the more growth we will see in the community.

Property Tax

I believe that the Homeowner exemption may need to be adjusted to offset the rise in market valuations. This exemption is available to owner occupied properties.

Property tax is assessed and collected by the counties and managed by the local taxing districts. The state supplements counties and taxing districts where property tax cannot cover essential required services. A tax policy study that includes stakeholders and taxpayers will bring long-term solutions to property tax. As a legislator, I will work with state and local officials on property tax solutions.

Election Integrity

Recently a Poll-watcher reported Amazon labels were accepted as proof of residency. However, this is not a reasonable address verification. Idaho voting regulations require proof of residence. Standardized documentation to validate residency brings assurance to the voting process.