Mitchell for Idaho


Education is the future of our society and needs to be protected. At the K-12 level, the parents need to play a much bigger role in their child`s life. Being able to be the decision maker can go a long way when it comes to how their child is being taught. I believe in parental choice which will give them a much more focused attention to their child`s education.

On the higher education scale, we need to control the spending on unnecessary items or positions. With ever increasing costs, we are seeing more and more how difficult it is for our youth to get a good start once their education is complete. Applied research from high education that can be brought to market can have a great impact to the economy of the State of Idaho and is critical to the future many industries. College is not for everyone and as such, I believe in trade school availability. Our nation needs people in trades and those jobs can be fulfilling and very lucrative without the added debt.

Limited Government

Government is great at over spending and it is my hope that I can be a voice of reason within the house. I have learned through years of controlling budgets that if you come in under budget that is a good thing. Controlling costs and ending in the black is the best practice and this is no different within our government. I will fight to keep the spending in line so we can work on bringing taxes down for the people of Idaho. It all starts with living within your means.

I believe that state government — just like at the national level — has certain expenditures required to function efficiently. We need to keep government spending in line where required to and then let the private sector handle the free market. I also believe in more localized government where people have chance for a greater voice and impact in their own communities.

Pro 2nd Amendment

Our founding fathers did not write the Second Amendment as an afterthought, they included this to help protect all other rights and to keep a free society. This is a great nation and the freedoms that we enjoy are what makes us great. We should not place unnecessary burdens on law-abiding citizens when it comes to allowing for protection of their families and home. Further gun legislation will only erode our freedoms.


I believe life begins at conception and as such is precious. Life is a sacred gift from God and should be protected. I will be the voice for those who do not have a voice. A woman once told me her personal experience with abortion was devastating. Knowing she could not abort another unborn child, she prepared herself to bare that child and place it into a good home. Protecting Life is a priority and my adopted daughter is living proof of that.


As a business owner myself, I know how the barriers of entry can be difficult for many to navigate. When I am elected, cutting unnecessary regulations and supporting legislation that is pro-business will be my goal. I believe the more you allow a business to use innovative ideas and creativity, the more growth we will see in the community.